About me…

I was born in Athens of the 1st of September 1970. I have grown at Kypseli district, where I lived till 2001, since then I live at Elliniko in the south suburbs of Athens. I’m father of two lovely daughters and a wonderful son !

Regarding my studies, I’m Electrical Engineer (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus, 1994) with a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies (University of Strathclyde, 1997). In 2010 I got my third degree in Social Theology (National & Capodestrian University of Athens), as an accomplishment of a life-time dream. I speak fluently english and french, have a fair knowledge of german language, and average knowledge of dutch and italian language.

I work in the public sector as Electrical Engineer, having worked in the past in the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL) and the secretariat of the European Parliament in Luxembourg. In my free time I collect religious artifacts and antiques, antiquarian books, art, and read history, theology and art oriented books. Additionaly, I try to publish some articles in this blog (articles written by me or others – referring always the source), articles dealing with fine arts (mainly iconography and religious artifacts), history, theology and society.

Thanks a lot for your visit! I hope you find interesting data in here and have a pleasant reading!


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